Strahl Accessories Ice Bucket (2.37L) - N56260


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Strahl, the most beautiful collection of unbreakable drinking glasses worldwide.

With an incredible eye for quality and elegance (for 25 years), Strahl has become the choice for large prestigious hotels, resorts, cruise ships, yacht manufacturers, owners of luxury villas, etc.

Strahl glasses are crystal clear and feel heavy as if they were real glass, yet they are made of special unbreakable premium polycarbonate. At first glance you do not have the feeling that it is plastic. The special 48-hour post-treatment that Strahl products receive removes the tension from the material that arises during manufacturing. This gives the polycarbonate its crystal clear look that is almost indistinguishable from glass. This also ensures that Strahl does not suffer from gray veil or cracks (craquelé). They can even be put in the dishwasher and Strahl guarantees that this can be done up to 5000 times without any problems!

All this makes these very solid and durable products from Strahl truly unique and a jewel on the table!

Dimensions and weights:
740 grams
165mm diameter (over the ears it is 230mm)
171mm high.