Picture pockets is the brand when it comes to cheap, high-quality photo presentation . The plug-in covers are made of plastic and can be hung on just one nail or on one hook. By putting your photos in the sleeve you can enjoy all those beautiful moments with your (grand)children, family, friends and your holidays. The insert covers are ideal for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, children's room or office.

The insert sleeves are available in different sizes and for different sizes of photos. This way you can hang 80 photos in 40 pockets or 40 photos in 20 pockets with our photo sleeves specially made for photos of 10 x 15 cm.

For all those beautiful drawings of yourself or your children, we have a product that fits no fewer than 18 A4 pages in 9 pockets . This way you don't have to choose which drawings to stick on the refrigerator, because you can hang them all at the same time.

Are you a real LP collector? Then we have the perfect product for you! Namely the sleeve for 16 LPs in 8 pockets (30 x 30cm) . This way you can hang your favorite LPs in no time.

Do you prefer to hang your photos loose or are you unable to hammer a nail into the wall? With the black Re-stickable photo frames (10 x 6 cm) or the Gray Re-stickable portrait frames (for portrait photos), you can easily stick your photos on the wall or cupboard.

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