Re-stickable Photo Frames Black 6x10 cm [2 Pieces] perfect for smooth surfaces


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These unique, movable and flexible photo frames are ideal for the caravan, camper, on the boat or at home. Special glue makes it easy to stick the photo frames on a smooth surface without drilling holes. In addition, the glue leaves no traces if you move the frame. Furthermore, you can change the photo in the frame about 10-15 times and the frame will still stick well. The photo frames are suitable for photos of 6 x 10 cm. The opening in the frame for the photo is 5.8 x 9.8 cm, so that the edge of the photo sticks 1.0 mm to the frame without damaging the photo. Unlike regular photo frames, our frames do not have glass for the photo, which means there is less glare on the photo and the frame is safe for use in a child's room, for example. The frames are black in color and are packaged in a set of two photo frames.