Who are we?

After a working life in various sales positions and their own companies, Janny and Eddie Reinders decided to start their own webshop in 2006. Top Leisure Products became a fact. The first years were not very successful, but over time, through hard work and a high degree of perseverance, sales started and the range was steadily expanded.

In 2020, the company was acquired by Hielke Penninga and Ed Klijnman. Due to the growth of the shop and the work of the gentlemen in other companies, the company was sold to Paradigmus BV in March 2023.

Daniël Dijkstra and Dennis Smalbrugge continue the company in the trend that made it successful.

With an eye for quality products, good customer service, hard work and enthusiasm, we try to satisfy every customer.

Top Leisure Products, a top company!


Paradigmus BV Trading under the name: Top Leisure Products
Loswal 8
9206 AH Drachten

The Netherlands

Phone number: +31512-745149