Sorona Palm tableware set | 4 Large Plates | 4 small plates | 4 x bowls - 12 pieces - Light blue, Navy blue, Orange, Black or mixed


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The Palm Sorona® unbreakable design plates and bowls are the first, truly newly developed products in this category in many years. A real breakthrough for the camping and boat market.

The Palm Sorona® Design series has many advantages compared to, for example, melamine products, namely:

  • unbreakable
  • durable
  • environmentally friendly
  • a very good alternative to Melamine.
  • microwaveable, melamine not.

Sorona® EP is a sustainably produced high-performance fiber that consists of at least 37% corn waste and uses significantly less energy in production than comparable materials. T he non-slip ring is 100% recyclable. Melamine bv, is a thermosetting plastic and is NOT recyclable. A very big difference!

  • Large Plate 25 cm 5 220 grams with soft non-slip edge in color
  • Small Plate 21 cm 140 grams with soft non-slip edge in color
  • Bowl (Dish) 155 grams with soft non-slip edge in color
  • Bowl contents: Gross to the edge 750 ml. On average you use 350 ml.
Light blue