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356 days - Feed once

Plantfood is 100% organic and provides your plant with nutrition 365 days a year!

The plant nutritional tablets provide your plant with annual fertilization through a controlled release of nutrition. With our tablets you are ready for a whole year!

Grow tablets are suitable for all types of plants. Our plant food tablets are available in 2 sizes: Small and Large. Depending on the jar size, you choose the size and number of tablets for the jar.

The plant food helps your plant, among other things, through the variation in trace elements and the active soil bacteria. The soil bacteria ensure that your plant can absorb the fertilizers properly. These sustainable tablets are therefore a green and much better alternative to fertilizer.

How do you use the plant nutritional tablets?

1) Dig in!

Carefully make a hole in the soil close to the roots. If you add multiple tablets, make a hole for each tablet, distributed throughout the jar.

2) In the earth

Push the tablet into the hole you just made and fill the hole again with the loose soil.

3) Grow!

Klaaaar! It was that easy. Now you can sit back for 365 days again, because your plant now has nutrition for a whole year. Of course, the plant still needs water.