Lumisky rechargeable standy C150


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Attractive rechargeable standing lamp for indoors and outdoors with multicolor LED ambiance lighting for indoors and outdoors. Choice of slow color changes with smooth transitions, fast changes or 1 fixed color choice. Operation by remote control. Place it wherever you want after charging. Solid, wireless and luminous for 7-9 hours.

By using durable, weather-resistant materials, this lamp can illuminate your outdoor lounge area without any problems. The standing lamp provides beautiful, bright and attractive atmospheric light both indoors and outdoors.

The lamp has a plastic shade which is made of rotationally molded polyethylene, creating a very balanced light emission. The hood is shock and UV resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. The hood has a length of approx. 35 cm and is seamlessly shaped.

The standing lamp has a round plastic base plate with a height of 35 cm. The standing lamp has a height of 150 cm.

Ambience multicolor (7) LED lighting for indoors and outdoors.
IP44 waterproof.
Dimensions: 35 cm x H 150 cm.
Operation by remote control.
With charging cord.
Via adapter 220-240V/DC12V
Material Polyethylene.
Extra sturdy and durable materials.
Long lifespan.