Lumisky Chic Cage Light Outdoor light garland


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Outdoor/indoor use : after connecting your Christmas lights to the mains (220 V socket), you can use this retro garland anywhere; both in and outside. The Chic Cage Light gives a chic and trendy atmosphere in your home.
PRACTICAL: this LED string light can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will bring a festive atmosphere to your terrace or garden in a chic guinguette atmosphere. In a bedroom or in a living room it will give its vintage touch. Chic Cage Light adapts to any situation.

Intensity The Chic Cage Light has 10 warm white LED (interchangeable) light bulbs. This guinguette garland illuminates very well with its luminous flux of 250 lumens.

Robust : the original Chic Cage Light garland; splash-proof (IP44) and also UV-resistant; has a total length of 6m. The shade has a diameter of 19 cm. This string of lights is made up of 10 warm white, long, smoked LED filament lamps that provide a warm atmosphere. There is 40 cm between each lamp and 2 m from the socket to the first lamp.