Laken Fuelbottle - fuel bottle

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Laken Fuelbottle - fuel bottle

This single-walled lightweight fuel bottle, made of high-quality aluminium, is ideal for carrying fuels such as petrol, Sprit, etc. The narrow bottle neck opening makes pouring or connecting a pump easy.

The aluminum fuel bottle from Laken gives you the opportunity to safely take fuel with you on all your trips. Whether as a spare for your motorcycle or quad, or to light your camping stove, this lightweight and very comfortable bottle will accompany you on all adventures.
Made in Spain, so a European product!

Thread fits MSR - OPTIMUS - PRIMUS fuel pumps

Non-toxic exterior coating
Reusable and recyclable
Hermetically sealable
Dimensions and weight 1.5L: Diameter: 8.8 cm. Height: 31 cm. Weight: 200 grams

Dimensions and weight 1L: Diameter: 8 cm. Height: 25.7 cm. Weight: 140 grams

Dimensions and weight 0.6L: Diameter: 7.4 cm. Height: 20.3 cm. Weight: 109 grams

Not suitable for dishwasher
Not suitable for food
Do not freeze