JOI Lamp 1 wax. candle is the light of 18 candles

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Yoy Lamp! No Plug - No Battery - No Batteries - Very Unique Lamp.

Also watch the video as "instructions for use"! [bottom of this page]

Tested in the KCK [May 2014] of the ANWB [recommended]


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Now the unique Joi Lamp itself:

The JOI Lamp [Thermologi] comes from Canada. A very unique invention where you can generate the light output of no less than 18 tea lights with 1 tea light!

The lamp converts the energy from one tealight into lighting 8 LED lights.

The Joi Lamp contains a Peltier element [very high quality]. This element becomes hot and converts the energy into light. Completely silent, just 1 tea light. It seems unbelievable, but it is true.

1 tea light + Joi Lamp = 18 tea lights!

The JOI Lamp is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use, camping, tent - caravan - camper. For boats, and for cozy dinners or evenings in the garden, but also for indoors. Very safe!

You can also use it for your SOS package, so that if the power goes out, you can still generate lighting.

You can pull out the shade, which releases more light than if you leave the shade low and it becomes a "house", lantern.

The quality of all parts used is at a very high level, which means you will enjoy it very much.

Although it is not specifically designed for indoor use, this is certainly possible!

Weight: 1687 grams

Foot plate : 14 cm x 14 cm

House : 12 cm x 12 cm (L / BR)

Hood size : 17.3 cm x 17.3 cm

Height at the top of the hood in the low position: approx. 20 cm

Height with extended bars : approx. 47 cm

Important : Only use good quality 4-hour tea candles/lights.

In order to make optimal use of your Joi Lamp, we have chosen to post an extensive video. We therefore ask you, when you receive your Joi Lamp, to watch this video and see step by step how beautiful and ingenious this product is.