Eucalyptus Citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus) grow kit


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Who am I?
Hello; my botanical name is eucalyptus Citriodora; but I am better known as the lemon eucalyptus. I owe my name to my strong Cintronella scent; which can be smelled immediately after germination! My oil is used worldwide as an anti-mosquito and protects for up to 4 hours with an effectiveness of 97%; So I am a real power plant!

Where do I come from?
originally I come from the northeastern part of Australia where the diet of the Koala belongs. Even though I am a tree species, I also do very well in a pot in living rooms all over the world.

How big will I get?
Because I am a tree species I can grow very large and my natural habitat is up to 40 meters high. Growing in a pot will limit me to about 2 meters.

How much do I want to drink?
I like high humidity and I like to be in slightly moist soil; so give me water regularly! It is better not to let the soil dry out; I can withstand a period of drought, but my leaves will then wilt. I myself will recover; however, my wilted leaves no longer do this.

Where do I want to stand and what temperatures do I like?
I usually love a lot of light; I like to be in full sun! However, be careful when there is a very strong sun; Then I can burn, especially when I stand behind the glass for a short time.