Aquaroll Mains Adapter + 7.5M hose [29/40L]


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Stuur mij een berichtje als het product weer op voorraad is:

Mains Adapter (Float + Hose) for the 29 and 40 liter Aquaroll. (The Aquaroll must have 2 connections / openings) For a number of years, both the 40 liter and the 29 liter Aquaroll have had this as standard.

Including 7.5 meters long.

A unique and above all practical solution. If you have a permanent water tap at the camping site, connect this hose directly to the tap.
Connect the other end of the hose, to which the special float is attached, to the Aquaroll.
The float ensures that there is constantly approximately 20 liters in the 40 liter barrel and 15 liters in the 29 liter barrel.
sit. So you can now actively pump your water directly from the caravan (by opening the tap). As soon as water has been pumped up, it automatically fills up again. A very big advantage of this system: in the event of leaks you will NEVER have water in the caravan, which would of course be disastrous for your caravan.
There is no better insurance!