Complaints handling

Complaints procedure Webshop Quality Mark

Stores affiliated with the Webshop Keurmerk Foundation must meet a number of conditions. Webshop Keurmerk checks the affiliated online stores and mediates in any disputes.

A store affiliated with Webshop Keurmerk has a privacy protocol with the aim of ensuring that personal data of the internet consumer is not misused. If an online store does not comply with the rules, the consumer can file a complaint. The Webshop Quality Mark Foundation investigates the complaint and tries to solve the problem.

In cases where the problem is not resolved properly and the Webshop Keurmerk Foundation believes that this is due to the affiliated online store, it is possible that the online store will be deprived of the right to use the Quality Mark logo. The Webshop Keurmerk Foundation will ensure that it is clear to consumers that a store affiliated with the Webshop Keurmerk Foundation is guaranteed, safe and reliable.

At Top Leisure Products we are very keen to resolve any complaints. Since our founding in 2006, there have been very few negative reactions and the few that did exist, we were able to resolve within reason and complete satisfaction.
We greatly appreciate it if a customer contacts us by telephone or email and explains what the problem is so that we can find a quick and sustainable solution with you.